Pension Information for CSSB Plan Members

The Superannuation and Insurance Liaison Committee (SILC) represents the members of the Civil Service Superannuation Board (CSSB) Pension Plan. We strive to best represent the interests of plan members.

Understanding the pension plan and the role it plays in retirement planning is important for plan members.

The CSSB Pension Plan is a defined benefit (DB) plan. The Pension Plan Booklets are excellent sources of information about the plan.

CSSB members should sign up for CSSB Online Services. It allows members to update their personal information, access pension statements, perform pension income estimates, view employee insurance information, and other helpful services.

Employee Insurance

CSSB Plan members are also members of the Employee Insurance plan, which includes Life insurance, Dependants insurance, and Accidental Death and Disablement insurance.

Employees select a class of insurance from 1 to 5, which is a level of insurance equal to that multiple of their annual salary. Employees may change their level of insurance coverage through their employer and the CSSB.

Life and dependents insurance coverage automatically extends into retirement, at reduced rates, unless a member opts out.

The Group Insurance Plan Booklet provides information on the insurance plan.

Other Retirement Income

Plan members should also take stock of their Canada Pension Plan (CPP) income, as well as any other pensions or RRSPs, and other retirement savings they have.

The Canadian Retirement Income Calculator is a helpful tool which will help you understand how your pension plan fits into your overall retirement income.