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Committee Members

As of November, 2020

Name Appointee Type/Organization Email
James Alexander MGEU  Appointee
John Arthur MAGE Appointee
Michelle Bergen CUPE 998 (Hydro) Appointee
Michael Bodner MACA  Appointee
Troy Craig IBEW 2034  Appointee
Ray Erb CSSB Employee Representative
Mike Espenell IBEW 2034 Representative
Denis Fitzpatrick MGEU Appointee
Brent Fuchs MGEU Appointee
Jody Gillis CSSB Employee Representative
Monica Girouard MGEU Appointee
Alex James Hydro-X  Appointee
Suzanne King Unifor 681 Appointee
Kevin Kotyk MGEU Appointee
Lorri Mathieson MGEU Appointee
Barry Miller MARGE Appointee
Ed Miller MGEU Appointee
Patti Molyneaux MGEU Appointee
Brian Monkman MARGE  Appointee
Mike Morris MHPEA and Corp. Exempt Appointee
Jean Nemeth MGEU Appointee
Samantha Probetts MGEU Appointee
Carl Rey AMHSSE Appointee
Doug Troke CSSB Employee Representative
Morris Tryhuk MGEU Appointee
Robert Wells MGEU Appointee
C. Reed Winstone CSSB Employee Representative (Manitoba Hydro Group)

Mailing Address and Phone Number

Superannuation and Insurance Liaison Committee

c/o Ellement Consulting Group
503-1780 Wellington Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B3

Phone: You may contact the Liaison Committee’s Coordinator at Ellement Consulting Group at 204-954-7300.